Monday, January 28, 2013

A Good Day

Sometimes you desperately need to find a perfect anecdote to an imperfect day.  My sister and I found ourselves thrust into such a predicament and in desperate search to redeem our failed venture one July evening. 

We had planned a blissful evening in Bryant Park where we would finally view A Rebel without a Cause.  (A still yet-to-be-watched movie on my part, does this make me a terrible cineophile?)  We arrived there for around four, in plenty of time to catch the anticipated 5pm start time.  It didn't occur to us that this was an open air cinema...

When we were still naive.

Overpriced stale gourmet popcorn. 

I was a little obsessed with my pedicure

We found a perfect viewing spot, spread out our quaint little towel in anticipation for the festivities.  We stared on in envy as throngs of people arrived evidently more prepared than ourselves.  Wine, fruit, and spoils you could hardly imagine Marie Antoinette indulging in emerged from baskets and carrier bags all around us.  We maintained stoicism in the face of our oversight.  Although we did invest in overpriced stale cheese popcorn.  As you do.

And then.... we waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Finally at sometime around half five, there was an introduction of sorts, in where the speaker informed us of the schedule of festivities, where in nothing was going to happen until about half seven, and the movie was not airing until about 9pm.  Obviously we had not factored in outdoor cinema's greatest nemesis, the sun.  

Only in Union Square

If you're a Mad Men fan I think you'll appreciate this

I admire his arrogance

There was nothing to do but laugh and high-tail it out of there for a different kind of adventure.  And so Union Square beckoned us with its clash of 21st century modernity and the vestiges of the counter culture movement.  We sprinted to the closest theatre to catch a showing of Ruby Sparks, which you can find my review of here.

Simpy wandering in Manhattan of course proved to be far more endearing than being bitten by mosquitoes in Bryant Park for seven hours. 

Not only did we catch a film we were dying to see, but we also got to peruse the selves and tables teeming with books in The Strand for over an hour. I spent too much money as usual, but the employees at The Strand have such impeccable taste I trusted my instincts to splurge.

This day was just a stand out day in 2012 for me.  You may be thinking, "you achieved absolutely nothing," but the combination of spontaneity and good company provided laughs and memories a plenty, and as I have said, the perfect anecdote to a failed venture. 

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